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The Body of God. Word and image in Ancient Egypt


The Body of God. Word and image in Ancient Egypt

Ignatov, Sergei. - Sofia: New Bulgarian University Publishing House, 2016

Научни и учебни издания

The Egyptian state is the living body of God, i.e. of the king. This is the presumption of this book.
The founder of Egyptology, Jean-Francois Champollion, once wrote: “On such inquiries one can progress with the help of facts only, and monuments are the only reliable facts…”. This is perhaps the best definition of Egyptological studies: patient and conscientious study of the monuments of ancient Egypt. The monuments of ancient Egyptian culture are located primarily in the Nile valley. The evidence of Egyptian penetration far south into ancient Nubia, ancient Syria, Phoenicia and Palestine to the east, imported Egyptian artifacts in the eastern Mediterranean lands, are also of interest to Egyptology.